+C Architects is a creative team of architects and interior designers. Based in Berlin and Shanghai, our international practice is informed by a mutual passion and imagination of the wider world transcending the geographic boundaries. Our practice ranges across a wide spectrum of projects from devising a table lamp to planning a new urban area, from the interior design of a concept store to the architecture of an entire museum. Shifting between various scales of design, +C Architects conveys a sensitive understanding of cities, architecture, and daily life through their unique design.

+c Architects(为建筑事务所)是一个由建筑师和室内设计师组成的设计团队。我们在柏林与上海协同工作,跨越地理的边界,分享彼此对大千世界的热情与想象。从一盏台灯到一片新城区规划,从一家小店的室内到一座博物馆的建筑,我们的作品在不同设计尺度之间穿梭,用设计传达对城市、建筑和生活的理解。


  • Cai Wei
    Dipl.-Ing. Architektin / Founder of +C Architects
  • Chen Haixia
    Senior Architect / Shanghai Office Manager
  • Alexander Goh
    Senior Architect
  • He Xiaoyu
    Senior Architect
  • Chen Shijian
  • Gui Pujian
    Architect Assistant
  • Sun Miao
    Architect Assistant
  • Zhang Jiang
    PR Manager

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+c Architects
Heinrich-Roller-Strasse 22
10405 Berlin

E info@plus-c-architects.com


1301 Room, No.2 Building,
1062 Yangshupu Rd,
Yangpu District, Shanghai



Sitz der Gesellschaft:
Berlin (Heinrich-Roller-Straße 22, 10405 Berlin)
Eingetragen: AG Berlin-Charlottenburg – PR 1154 B


Partner i.S.d. PartGG:
Dipl.-Ing. Wei Cai, freischaffende Architektin (Architektenkammer Berlin, Mitglieds-Nr. 15149)
Die Berufsbezeichnung Architekt/Architektin wurde in Deutschland verliehen.